Monday, December 05, 2005

First of all I have to state that I'm sorry to people who expect this to be kept current. own visits to 'mindspan' are so rare that this can not be considered a true blog.

Anyway, since I'm here I may just as well present you with a brief update. Much of my daytime activities are related to projects for my excellent employer Bouvet, a fairly small (counting approx. 200 heads now) Norwegian employee-owned consultancy/systems integrator (SI).

If I found the time, 'mindspan' would be densely covered with short writings about business-driven enterprise architecture and integration (nowadays probably a bit flavored by SOA), information management at large and especially by means of topic maps, [information] security and IT governance. Perhaps even something about various social aspects of computing - and of course rich digital media and related ownership. But as much as I would like to, I really can't allow myself to dive into blog postings, it would simply occupy too much of my limited resources.

Further information about me can be found by looking up my name over at the quasi-social professional network called LinkedIn (membership required, but I have no reservations recommending this service). Or, if this for some reason doesn't work for you but you still would still like to get in contact, please use my 2idi form '=Torkveen'.
posted by Andre_T Monday, December 05, 2005

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