Thursday, April 22, 2004

Checking in some 15 months later - phew! Honestly I was amazed just to find it operative. I scrolled down previous postings and discovered that my employment information is outdated. I now work for Statkraft (...Norway's largest utility company, and Europe's second largest on renewable energy). As a so-called IT architect, meaning that I spend my time improving the passage between business and technology. And my previous employer now goes by the name Capgemini. BTW I recently read something (, I cannot remember where) pretty clearing about the nature of Weblogs: While Wikis are a group thing, blogs empathize individuals/egos. There you have it - not too flattering, but when you think about it it's hard to claim it to be wrong, at least entirely. Oh, yes I'm fully aware there are blogs that exist as a means to communicate with groups (...say from a leader who's not as much a round as he/she would have liked to) - but it's still from a single person. Otherwise, the user(s) would probably be much better off with a Wiki! Guess I'll keep up the blurry line between professional/general observations, reflection and private notes: Tomorrow our lovely youngest daughter will be two years old! So I just must phrase this next statment in Norwegian: "Gratulerer jenta mi, jeg er SAA glad i og stolt av deg! Gud velsigne deg!" Wondering how I spent the time between this and my last posting? Well, I'd like to say as a digerati family man. The most pleasant period was our two months at Lanzarote ( of the Canary Islands). I got my first firsthand experience with many incredibly warm and hospitable people! OK, so it was partly due to the fact that my wife (...who is one of the kindest and most sympathetic persons anyone can hope to come across during a lifetime, hands down) had established relations some ten years earlier, but nevertheless; Angelina and Manolo, Maria and Roma, Auxi, Basilio and families - I'm nothing short of HONORED to have shared that valuable time with you! I don't know when, but we'll definitely return! Even though I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't improved my Spanish (yet) - it?s actually become worse!
posted by Andre_T Thursday, April 22, 2004

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